If You Lease Or Own A Diesel Vehicle In London You Need To Know About The ULEZ Charge

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone charge is even more stringent than the congestion charge and will replace the Toxicity (T) charge which began in October 2017. This means that by 2019, the oldest car you can drive in the ULEZ without paying would be a 4 or 5-year-old diesel or a 13 or 14-year-old petrol.

In October 2017 a Toxicity or T charge was introduced in London for diesel and petrol vehicles which don’t meet the Euro 4 emissions standard. This was usually for cars registered prior to 1st January 2006 but is due to be replaced with a new charge called the ULEZ or Ultra Low Emissions Charge which comes into effect on 8th April 2019.

It will cover the same area as the congestion charge and will operate 24/7.

So if you are driving a vehicle which does not meet the 2007 Euro4 emissions standard, you will be required to pay the ULEZ. The oldest diesel car you will able to drive in London will be a 4 or 5 year old diesel, and the new ULEZ charge will affect a lot more vehicles than the older LEZ charge. It will include Cars, Vans, Motorcycles, Minibuses

Facts about the ULEZ 
– 24/7 and the daily charge will be £12.50 per vehicle such as a car, moped or motorbike
– ULEZ will be in addition to the congestion charge
– HGVs, coaches, and buses that don’t meet the Euro 6 standard (effective from 2014) will be required to pay £100

Exempt vehicles are:
– Petrol cars, vans , minibuses which meet the Euro 4 standard.
– Diesels that meet the euro 6 standard
– Motorbikes or mopeds which meet the euro 3 standard
– HGVs, buses and coaches must meet the ‘Euro VI’ standard (effective from 2014) or pay a £100 daily charge

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan wanted to tackle air pollution in London and following a package of measures in 2016 it was decided to start the ULEZ a year earlier, in 2019. Initially the ULEZ will cover the same area as the congestion zone, however by 2020, it will be extended to include north and south circular road for motorcycles, cars and vans and will extend London wide if you are driving a lorry, bus or coach. So, the ULEZ charge could prove very costly to you if you own or lease a car or vehicle which is affected by it and the charging area or regularly drive in the London area now or plan to in 2020.

There is a smart solution however, if you are tied into a leased car contract and see no easy way of ending it early. It is possible to legally transfer some car contracts to other people.

So if you drive a car which is affected by ULEZ, such as a high emissions diesel car which you lease, there may well be someone outside the London area who would be happy for you to transfer your lease contract to them. The great news is that Contract Village offer a service which can release you from your lease contract by transferring it to another appropriate client.

The service at contract village simply matches your contract with those who wish to take it on. So, it’s no longer necessary to feel that you are going to be trapped into a contract which doesn’t work for you anymore whether this is for a phone, accommodation or in this case a car lease contract. 

Contract Village enables you to terminate car lease contract early by matching you with someone who is happy to take on your car lease contract. This helps you to avoid costly early settlement or termination fees which is the perfect solution to avoid the ongoing charges of the ULEZ zone in London. 

It’s very simple to use Contract Village services. All you have to do is simply register your details and wait for someone to notify you that they want to take on your lease contract. You may well even consider using Contract Village to transfer a different lease into your name instead of taking out a brand new one. The Contract Village service is a win win for anyone who wishes to get a car lease contract. Short term lease contracts are traditionally more expensive than longer leases so it maybe a lot more cost effective for you to take on a transferred car lease yourself so you can save even more money. Just sit back and look forward saving a fortune by finding a new vehicle which doesn’t fall foul of the new ULEZ charges throughout London.

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